About the creators...

Alisha Farnsworth
Title: The Skittles Queen
Position: Loremaster, Costume Designer
Age: 17
Webpage: The Sanctuary | Elfwood Library Shelf
Contact: LiveJournal | email
Likes: People, Helping people, socializing, reading, writing, creating, kids, and lots of other stuff that I can't think of off the top of my head
Dislikes: Olive green, mean people, limitations, too much logic, the barbies, pessimism, bad attitudes, depressions
Favorite Color: Blue, green, white, silver, purple
Favorite Food: Mexican(!!!!)
Favorite Subject: English, Choir
Least Favorite Subject: PE, Math, Spanish
Favorite Character: Laural
Least Favorite Character: Boris, or maybe the Zombies
Motto/Quote: "See, I told you that everything was going to work out!"
Other: I have two cats, Sam (aka The Lump), and Molly, ruler of all she sees. I'm going to be a junior at Cupertino High next fall, and I'll be taking way too many honor classes for my own good (although I have friends who are taking a lot more). I'm an extreme people person, and Alicia complains that I'm way too perky (especially at early hours in the morning... like noon). I like to write and imagine, so basically that's what I do for FoD, Alicia (yep, it's weird that we have the same name) is the artist of this operation (with artwork that never ceases to amaze me). I'm planning on getting a major in Social Work. Then I'm going to become a social worker, focusing on kids and teens. And I think that's probably enough information on me... oh yeah! And I'm very spelling challeneged (I drive Alicia insane) PS: She spellchecked this!

Alicia 'Xellandria' Kilpatrick
Title: The XDinator
Position: Lord High Illustrator, Webmistress
Age: 17
Webpage: Dys'daera.net
Contact: LiveJournal | email
Likes: Cats, anime, manga, RPGs, Apple, fantasy
Dislikes: Disney, Microsoft, OSX, Herr Thomas, curly hair, genetics, children, spelling and grammatical errors ¬¬;
Favorite Color: Purple, teal
Favorite Food: Pot Sticker King/Panda Express ^^
Favorite Subject: Drama
Least Favorite Subject: Science
Favorite Character: Laural
Least Favorite Character: Donovan (Xella cannae draw zhee masculine men ^^;;)
Motto/Quote: "The only 'bad' artist I've ever met was an artist too full of themselves to improve."
Other: La~ I dunno XD;; I spell things with u's, so... yesu *nod* I'm the artist for this here webcomic, as well as Bowspirit's Aim, and also one of the nine illustrators of the Ecks-Dee Movement, as well as being the webmistress of all three. Consequently, things don't get done as quickly as they would if I was just doing one part of one comic... but then again, even if I WAS, things would probably be going just as slowly, being as I can be very.. what do they call it, lazy? XD;; My style changes drastically for each comic I do (and, as seen with Bowspirit's Aim in particular, in the comic itself as well). So that's why things look so different *nodnod* Oh, and.. XD! If you're just craving more information on me (stalker :P), you can find it under 'Contact Info' on my website collective, Dys'daera.net. Have fun! ^^

Special thanks also to Aslua Studios member Rachel [ website | email ] for helping us in the creation of Natasha. Sankyuu~ Racheru~! *^^*

Flow of Destiny is written by Alisha Farnsworth, and illustrated by Alicia 'Xellandria' Kilpatrick. Flow of Destiny © 2002-2004 Aslua Studios. It is hosted on Keenspace, a free webhosting and site automation service for webcomics.


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