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You want to link to us? I am deeply honored ^^; You can use a text link to, or you can use one of our shiny banners below. Please upload them to your own server, I don't particularly want to invoke Keenspace's wrath ^^;

Laural's Forehead Marking :: animated |:| Laural's forehead marking :: unanimated |:| Laural's forehead marking :: animated
Special thanks to Sallie for animating the versions on the left and right for me (thank you, PSP, for being Windows-only ¬¬)!

Laural small button style 1 |:| Donovan small button style 1 |:| Laural small button style 2

Donovan Medium Banner |:| Laural Medium Banner: Design 1

Laural Medium Banner : Design 2

Laural Large Banner

Donovan Large Banner

Donovan and Laural Large Banner

More banners and buttons to come as I create them ^^;v

Flow of Destiny is written by Alisha Farnsworth, and illustrated by Alicia 'Xellandria' Kilpatrick. Flow of Destiny © 2002-2004 Aslua Studios. It is hosted on Keenspace, a free webhosting and site automation service for webcomics.


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