Tuesday, June 10, 2003
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Link to Flow of Destiny
You want to link to us? I am deeply honored ^^; You can use a text link to http://flowofdestiny.keenspace.com, or you can use one of our shiny banners, which can be found here (to reduce the load time of this page, which is probably pretty load-intensive anyway)

Visit Other Places
Feel like leaving? Honestly now, you really want to go? Well, alright, then, I can't stop you.. but I can suggest some good places to head next! ^_^ (I'll update this with the banners.. eventually --;)

Past Secrets
The comic written and illustrated by a dear, close friend of mine, Ashley 'Snowhawk' Venable, based off her novel of the same name. Even if she hadn't implanted one of the characters into my head, I'd still be completely and utterly drawn to it. The artwork is beautiful, the story is deep and intense, and come on: there's more than a few bishounen in it ^^v

Weirdness Rules!
Another comic, this one far less serious than Past Secrets. Hell, it's mostly slapstick and running gags. But it's fun (and Ebil Bush and I appear in it! *^^*) Sallie's artwork is überspiffy (no matter what *she* may say ¬¬), and some of the jokes just have to be seen to be believed!

My long-time hentai dwaggin friend just started her own comic. Her art has improved so much in the past year, as has her sense of humor and storytelling, it shows so much promise that you absolutely have to go see it. Go, I command you X3

My Life In Blue
Zan... is amazing. I love his artwork, I love his characters, and... *.* Just.. go see (if you're not afraid of GLBTQ issues, that is)~!

Lemontoss Manga Directory
Instead of pointing you to all~ of Garnet's comics, I might as well save time and link 'em all at once. FourBoys, FourPlay, CuriousBoys, plus an illustrated novel and a bunch of other stuff. Not for the closed-minded or faint of heart, guys and gals.

Mortal Heir
Not sure if there's any real update schedule for this, but that doesn't really matter, since Rini (the author/illustrator) always says something on her journal anyway XD;; Of Demon Houses and all~ sorts of seduction XD; At least... I think oO; I dunno, from what I can tell the story is a lot more complex then what's been touched on so far *nod* Yus.

Hamlet: The Manga
A project I've been following for as long as I can remember (though unfortunately my memory isn't that great, so I can't tell you exactly how long ^^;). The Slayers cast puts on a performance of William Shakespeare's Hamlet.. and as you can imagine, it's a typical day in the Slayersverse (well, not so typical when everyone from the series gets together at once, but ah~ well XD). Amethyst Angel (the illustrator) is so totally awesome *.* She portrays the characters so very~ well (the only thing I disagree with, in fact, with her portrayal is the 'rv' instead of 'av' on 'Val/Gaav' oO;)

Tilted Junction
I have no~ idea what its about yet.. but Katie is a master of all she does (and her art is spiffy), so~ I have no qualms about putting this up here. It's not up yet, though (tragic *falls over*)

Again, no idea ^^; I still don't doubt it, though *nod* And neither should you.

Samurai Man!
My good friend Mazoboom, whom I met on the Project Majestic Mix message boards, was probably one of the first of my friends to start an online comic. It's pretty spiffy, even if I do have a hard time following it sometimes ^^

Failure to Appear
Sallie's serious comic. Two bounty hunters out to make a buck.. and maybe some revenge on the side. Hey, it's best served cold, unless its served with a large explosion. Heheh.. things go boom~ ...Sallie says it's dead and buried, but I can always hope, ne? ^^v

I absolutely adore the art style *drool~* And the story is very promising as well. Go read, go drool at the bish, go go X3 *pushes*

Bowspirit's Aim
My other Aslua Studios venture into the comic realm. More comedy-based than Flow of Destiny, but also not nearly as good visually or plot-ly. Based off an old RP we did forever~ ago.

The Ecks-Dee Movement
Papercut Studios' group venture into random non-linear gag-a-strip comics. Lots of in-jokes, but hey, we enjoy it. Oh, and... XD

Little X
My good friend Grimm's comic about a scared little chinchilla... who is, to be quite honest, the cutest little thing I've ever seen X3

Nikki is... spastic, I think the word is. The comic is still getting underway, so I've no idea what its about, but it shows definate promise *nod*

There are several other comics that I read or try to read, but until they get off their... yearish? hiatus, I'm not gonna list 'em :P

Non-Comic Links

Sword of Damocles
Wonderful novel. Wonderful *long* novel. Mm~ Nav~sama~~ *drool*

Papercut Studios
The other studio I'm a part of. Almost entirely art-related. Ten girls... no, strike that. Ten hentai girls. There~ we go X3 Ten hentai girls with nothing better to do than dish out the artsy-type stuff XD

Aslua Studios
The main page, which is majorly under construction (and has been so for quite some time --;) One day I'll finish the website, I swear! -_-;;

Aven Studios
Sno's main site, and... I think that's all I need to say *nod*

Capital S
Sallie's main site. A collective containing all~ her sites.

My dear love Kinky-J's collective. I love her webdesign skills *.*

Not only is Blackie (excuse me, Odile) a totally cool girl to begin with, she also hosts the bulk of my sites (read: all of 'em except the quizzes and the comics). Her web design skills are amazing, as is her art and her writing. And... she hosts me *^^* *licks her Blackie~*

Past Secrets
Sno's novel, which is also slowly being transformed into a comic. Beautiful story, that *nod*

The other FoD, Flower of Death is Sallie's novel. Everyone has a novel but me (I'm so left out TT;;)

Seki no Hikari
My own collective of sites. Contains links to everything~ of mine, plus a lot of links I didn't remember to put here ^^;

Flow of Destiny is written by Alisha Farnsworth, and illustrated by Alicia Kilpatrick. Flow of Destiny © 2002 Aslua Studios. It is hosted on Keenspace, a free webhosting and site automation service for webcomics.